Cherry blossoms in Nara

Wanneer is het kersenbloesemseizoen in Nara?

When is the cherry blossom season in Nara?

Cherry blossoms (sakura) in Nara usually bloom during the last week of March and the first two weeks of April (approximately between March 20 and April 14). Sometimes almost all trees come into full bloom (mankai) at the same time and remain in full bloom for a week or even longer.

Nara’s best cherry blossom spots

Here is our list of the best cherry blossom spots in Nara. For more information on these places, please visit the What to Do in Nara page.

  • Nara Park: With numerous cherry blossom trees (Sakura), this expansive park is a great place to enjoy the blossoms (and the company of the friendly deer).
  • Nara Himuro-jinja Shrine: Located just southwest of the Todai-ji Temple and across from the Nara National Museum, this shrine has several beautiful cherry blossom trees and is conveniently on the way to Nara-koen Park.
  • Wakakusa-yama: This mountain that rises above the city and runs along the road from Nigatsu-do to Kasuga-taisha has a few large cherry blossom trees that line the side of the road.
  • Koriyama-jo Castle Ruins: Located just west of Nara, these castle ruins are filled with beautiful cherry blossom trees.
  • Yoshino (further away): If you have half a day to spare, head south of Nara to view the cherry blossoms that cover the hills in and around the town of Yoshino. This is one of Japan’s most famous cherry blossom spots.




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