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Please note that Kyoto’s best and luxury Ryokan can be quite expensive. If you have a small budget, also check out our best mid-range Ryokan in Kyoto and the best budget Ryokan in Kyoto.

Gion Hatanaka
Hatanaka is located near the Yasaka-jinja Shrine and the Maruyama-koen Park. It is a spacious and modern Ryokan with several beautifully decorated and spacious rooms, and a young manager who is well-equipped to serve foreign guests. They regularly host geisha entertainment and the food is top-notch.
: Located in the heart of the Southern Higashiyama sightseeing district, comfortable with foreign guests.
Cons: Some people may find it a bit too large for their taste..
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As soon as you enter the enclosed hall, it’s as if you’ve stepped into another world. Seikoro is a classic Ryokan with almost flamboyant decorative details reminiscent of Art Nouveau. All rooms overlook beautiful gardens and have lovely wooden bathtubs.
: attentive service, beautiful decor, comfortable with foreign guests.
Cons: Gojo-Dori location can be somewhat inconvenient (although it is close to a subway station and within walking distance of Kiyomizu-dera and Gion).
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Yoshida Sanso
As the name suggests, this beautiful Ryokan is located by Yoshida-yama, a gorgeous hill in the northeast of the city. The rooms here are stunning and the food is amazing, but the location is the real draw here: walk out the door and within a few minutes, you’ll find yourself at some of the most beautiful (and rarely visited) temples in Kyoto.
: breathtaking location, beautiful rooms, great food.
Cons: located a bit further away from the center of the city, so it may not be as convenient for those looking to explore downtown Kyoto.
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Garden Ryokan Yachiyo
Tuin Ryokan Yachiyo is an excellent Ryokan located right next to Nanzen-ji temple, comfortable for foreign guests, and close to the subway. It is a perfect base for exploring the natural wonders of Kyoto.
Pros: Great location near the Tozai subway line and the mountains of Higashiyama, comfortable with foreign guests.
Cons: Not all rooms have a view of the garden.
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